Monday, July 22, 2013

The Best Sale is the One Not Made

The Chinese military sage Lao Tzu never said anything about selling. But if he did, he might have said this: "The best sale is the one not made."

In other words, the easiest, most-profitable sales happen when your current clients buy from you again OR they send you a hot, pre-qualified referral.

In either case, little or no selling is required on your part. So, anything you can do to encourage repurchases and referrals is an extremely valuable activity.

Here are 3 ways to do it:

1. Surprise gifts
What do you deliver, in person or by email/snail mail, to pleasantly surprise your best clients?

Nothing? Uh-oh. Fix that. Start by mailing a simple, hand written (or at least hand-signed) thank-you note.

2. Welcome package
What can you do to make sure new clients get the most from their relationship with you?

Here's a hint: Think of all the questions new clients usually ask. Now answer them in writing. Then send that "how to" guide to clients along with their first purchase. Clients will appreciate your thoughtfulness and get better results -- two ways to ensure a repurchase or referral.

3. Something extra
Beyond any surprise gift or welcome package, what can you do for clients that will delight them?

I like to send my best clients books or book summaries every few months. Such gifts are unexpected -- and appreciated.

Don't have the time or money to mail your clients gifts? You can at least email them links to helpful articles, with the message: "Saw this, thought of you."

Bottom line: The best sale is the one not made. Anything you can do to "sell without selling" -- by fostering repurchases and referrals -- is among the very best uses of your time.

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