Monday, August 4, 2014

How to Increase Revenue 700% by "Using" Other People

Take a look at the article below, scanned from the August 2014 issue of Success magazine:

Here's the key passage:
... one of the most powerful ways to share a positive message is to recruit other people to spread it.

A colleague, Adam Grant, Ph.D., of the Wharton School of Business, looked at the effect of having a company’s leader give a motivational speech to a team of new hires at one of his call centers. With his message alone, the positive leader created a moderately good bounce in revenue for the call center -- 300 percent over the results of a control group who didn’t hear the speech. But if the team heard both the leader and a grateful “beneficiary” (in this case, an employee who had been at the call center for a while and was positively affected by the work being done there), something incredible happened.

For this group, revenue increased by 700 percent compared to trainees who heard no motivational messages. That’s not a misprint -- 700 percent.

Shawn Achor's ideas can help you in two ways:

1. If you lead a team, enlist other people to help you. As the article shows, an emotional testimonial from someone else can be more than twice as effective (700% vs. 300%) as you trying to inspire your people by yourself.

2. More broadly, if you sell to others (and we ALL do), enlist your clients and customers to help spread your message. The easiest and most-effective way to do this is with testimonials. As the article (and my 20 years of experience) shows, what others say about you is more than twice as effective (700% vs. 300%) as what you say about you.

Bottom line: One of the most powerful ways to sell yourself -- whether internally to your team or externally to your clients -- is to let others sell you, with their own stories, in their own words.

Treat testimonials just like Krugerrands. They're small, incredibly valuable things. And you can never have too many. Start collecting them today -- and using them in your business.

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