Monday, March 16, 2015

More Sales From More Trust: 3 Direct-Mail Shortcuts

As a business owner or sales pro, you may think you don't need direct mail in your business.

Think again.

If you're selling a service or product that costs more than $100, you will struggle mightily to sell it entirely online.


The higher your price, the more your prospects must trust you before opening their wallet. And it's very hard to trust a business that's 100% intangible -- all website, emails, social media, webinars, and phone calls.

What's the answer?

Make your intangible relationship tangible. The faster you can do this -- by meeting your prospects in person, giving them something they can hold in their hands, or both -- the faster you can make more sales.

And while it's impossible to meet every prospect in person, it's fairly easy and cost effective to meet them by mail.

Bonus: When you combine good direct mail with good online marketing, you get great synergy. The sum of your integrated marketing results will be much greater than what you could have achieved if you marketing only online or offline. It's like 1+1=3.

Let me show you three ways to make more sales by making your relationships more tangible.

1) Postcard after an email
After you send an email to a prospect you can also send them a postcard. Nobody does that right? That's the point. I can write and mail 5 postcards in less than 20 minutes over lunch. So can you.

2) Thank-you note after a webinar or teleseminar
When was the last time you got a thank-you note after a webinar or teleseminar? Never, right? See the opportunity here?

Do NOT complain about not having access to your prospects' U.S. Mailing address either. It's simple to find their mailing address by looking up the website from the email address they used to register for your webinar or teleseminar.

Example: The email will lead you to the website, where you can find their mailing address. IF their website has no mailing address, or if the email they used to register was ... they have self-identified as a prospect not worth sending mail to.

3) Article after a phone call
After a phone call with a prospect, print and mail them a helpful article they would enjoy reading. Include a Post-it Note that says, "I thought you might find this useful."

Nobody does that right? Again, that's my point.

None of these methods costs you more than 50 cents each. But each has about a 100% open rate, when mailed to your prospects by direct mail (compare that to your typical 30% open rate for email).

And each of these can make an intangible relationship into a tangible one, which makes you more trustworthy, which improves everything else you're doing in your sales and marketing.

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