Monday, March 9, 2015

How to Say Interesting Things in Interesting Ways

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you need attention.

Because, before you can build a relationship or make a sale, you have to have a conversation with a client or prospect. To do that, you must first get their attention.

And a proven way to do it is to say interesting things in interesting ways.

Here's how you can get the attention of your prospects and clients by saying interesting things in interesting ways ...

Deliver your message in an interesting video. If I had just written a blog post about this idea, it would not have been interesting. But delivering the message on video, while standing next to a highway with a jet taking off in the background? A bit more interesting.

Deliver your message via "paper email." When's the last time you got a paper email? Probably never. But all you have to do is write a good email, print, and mail it to prospects. I've done it for years. I showed Dennis Neitz, a sales trainer from Cottage Grove, MN, how to do it. Here's what happened next, according to him: "I sent out 6 paper emails and received 2 full price paying customers. Net revenue on those was very nice."

Deliver your message via "lumpy mail." What's lumpy mail? An envelope that's NOT flat. It's got lumps, bumps, heft. I've mailed envelopes with quarters inside, magnifying glasses, mini voodoo dolls, etc. These were interesting and got way better results than a message in a flat, #10 business envelope.

Deliver your message via FedEx Letter. A FedEx Letter is, by definition, interesting -- it demands attention and readership. Unlike an email or direct-mail letter, it's impossible to delete or throw out a FedEx Letter without opening it.

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