Monday, December 6, 2010

Jeffrey Gitomer in Minneapolis -- Tweeted, Then Blogged

Speaker, author, and sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer was in the Twin Cities on December 1-3 to give three seminars.

Not only is he an outstanding speaker, but this tips on selling, branding, and achievement work right out of the box.

Example: I made a sale using one of his networking ideas less than two hours after getting back to my office and trying it.

How's that for shovel ready?

I attended two of his seminars last week, at a cost of $50 and six hours. But you’re in luck ...

Because you get the best of his ideas here, in the form of my collected Tweets from the events.

Pick one sales idea. Try it today. Thank Gitomer (and me) tomorrow ...
  • Discover why people buy & you never have to sell 
  • Your PowerPoint sucks. Too much text, too small. Gitomer uses Impact font, 36-46 pt size, 300+ slides in 2 hours. Try it
  • Jeffrey Gitomer's corporate mission statement: "Sell Jeffrey. Kiss ass." Seems to work for him
    1 testimonial = 100 sales pitches. Best: video client testimonials
  • Best cold call voicemail: "This is NAME, PHONE #. I was talking to 3 of your competitors today. They said ..." CLICK 
  • If a prospect stalls and says, "Come back next month," ask: "What's going to be different then?" 
  • Secret to better listening: Take notes. It forces you to listen, flatters prospect, avoids blown promises 
  • I don't want to talk about business until I first see the other person smile 
  • Sell more to existing clients. Increase wallet-share before you worry about market-share 
  • To serve is to rule. Serve your customers 
  • Earn referrals from existing clients. Referrals are a report card -- if you get them, good; if not, bad 
  • Don't add value. Give value first
  • Keep clients loyal. Forget client satisfaction. Do you want your spouse to be satisfied or loyal? 
  • Love what you sell! (I love to sell assets for pennies on the dollar. That's what a good sales letter is -- an asset).

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