Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Marketing Secret for Speakers -- Free Research That Rocks

On November 16, I gave a talk on copywriting to the National Speakers Association - Minnesota Chapter. The title: "5 Ways to Transform Your Sales Letters and Emails -- Even if You Hate to Write!"

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Judging from the comments afterwards, folks found the information very helpful.

While I don't have a video from the event to upload, I can share one of the most valuable tips here ...

It's this: In any sales letter, print ad, or web page you write, always speak the language of your ideal client.

In other words, every market has words and phrases all its own. It's your job to find and use them.

Example: Professional speakers use the term "one-sheet" to describe the one-page promotional piece they send to meeting planners. A "bureau" is short for "speaker's bureau." And so on.


How can you find out what language your market is speaking, so you can improve your sales copy?

A simple, effective way is to read the blogs your prospects read, and pay attention to the comments sections. That's where people let their guard down and talk naturally.

Below is an example of what prospects in the public speaking world are saying. I found them on a high-traffic blog devoted to ... public speaking. (This is not rocket surgery.)

Comments like these are rich in the language of this particular market.

In about 30 minutes of research, I could uncover a dozen or so problems facing my prospects. And I could define those problems in the language those people are using. Free.

It's a sure-fire way to improve any sales letter, print ad, or web page. Did I mention it costs $0?

When you do this, your prospects will say, "You're speaking my language." And your sales will surge.

For more ideas like these, download Guaranteed Marketing for Service Business Owners.

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