Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas! Advertising That Sells

My Christmas gift to you: a short course in advertising from David Ogilvy.

If you've never been exposed to Ogilvy, you're in for a treat! Especially if you have to feed your family with the ads you run for your business.

Ogilvy was the world's most-articulate proponent of direct-response advertising -- ads that ask directly for a response, in the form of an order or inquiry.

Yes, this video is probably older than you. But so is the Gettysburg Address.

If he were speaking today, Ogilvy would cajole you into tracking your web page ads, using free technology like Google Website Optimizer.

He would urge you to track your promotions on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media using coupon codes (a tactic dating back to Claude Hopkins in the early 1900s).

And Ogilvy would tell you to stop being "original" in your ads and start imitating what sells for other people. Heresy, you say? Take it to the bank, I say.

Watch, enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

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