Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Quickest Way to Get More Sales

Three Girl Scouts want to sell me some cookies.

Which one will make the quickest sale?

The third one, of course.


Because the easiest person to sell to is someone who knows you, trusts you, and wants you to do well.

That's why all Girl Scouts selling cookies (or any kids selling anything), always start with their own family, then hit the next-door neighbors, before venturing out to sell to strangers.

In your business, you probably can't make a living selling to family.

But you can make a very good living selling to people who know you, trust you, and want you to do well.

Who are these incredibly valuable people?

Your current clients. The people who have purchased from you before, already know and trust your business, and want you to do well (so you can stay in business and keep making their life better.)

When you have happy clients, you have a receptive audience to everything you may want to sell in the future.

Finding new and better ways to serve your clients, so that they favor you with repeat sales, may not be as easy as selling cookies to your daddy. But it beats the heck out of cold calling or prospecting, which we all dread anyway. Why put yourself through it?

So ... the quickest way to get more sales is to sell new things to old clients.
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