Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to Improve Your Marketing with the "Colonoscopy" Point of View

Did you know that serving your clients is just like giving them a colonoscopy?

Let me explain ...

At a seminar I attended in August 2010, marketing author and thinker Seth Godin said something profound, which I wrote down (lucky you!). He said this: “People judge their entire colonoscopy experience based on what they remember from the last 30 seconds.”

In other words, last impressions make lasting impressions.

And here’s what it means for your service business ...

The last time I took my car for a tune-up to one auto dealer, he did a good job that was fairly priced. But I never went back.


Because he spilled a full bottle of STP gas treatment on the front seat, cleaned it up poorly, then apologized half-heartedly -- and only after I confronted him about it. That’s the part of the experience I remembered.

Action Step: Take a long look at the final “30 seconds” of whatever you do for your clients.

Are you leaving the best lasting impression? If not, fix it. Fast. If you don’t, your clients’ last contact with you may be their … last contact with you.

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  1. Do you need to change the word "colostomy" in your opening sentence to "Colonoscopy" as noted in the title of this article? These are 2 totally different procedures.

  2. It was the caffeine typing -- fixed that error. Thanx!