Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to Make Your Offer Irresistible

Back when I wrote resumes for a living in the 1990s, I used to have a very easy time selling to people. 

Here's why: I made them an offer they couldn't resist.

That's because every one of my competitors were all saying variations of this: "We guarantee results, or we'll rewrite your resume." Which is like saying: "We'll make you happy or ... we'll keep trying to make you happy."

Meanwhile, I used to say this: "Your resume will get results. Or it's FREE."

That was saying something. It was an offer most people could not resist. Which is how I sold to more people than my competitors (and ended up hiring two of them to work for me, part-time).

So. If you want to sell more of your services to more people, faster and easier, you can do it by making them an offer they can't resist.

To illustrate, here's an offer I recently got in the mail, which I found irresistible:

Background: I own a Saturn. Back when Saturn went out of business, a local Chevrolet firm took over the service contracts from the former Saturn dealer. So I got several letters in the mail, asking me to come in and give the Chevy guys a try.

I ignored every letter.

Because none was half as compelling as the offer above, which has what I call "The 4 Rs of Irresistible Offers." The offer is:
  1. Riveting
  2. Relevant
  3. Realistic
  4. Risk-free
1) Riveting. You can't beat 4 free maintenance visits with a stick.

Application: Your offer should be so riveting that clients and prospects will feel like they're ripping you off. I almost feel that way about this offer. Almost.

Because, even though I know there's a cost to them of offering 4 free service visits, once they get me into their building, they can find lots of things wrong with my car to fix above and beyond the free service -- after they win my trust. They will no doubt make money on this long-term ... IF they earn my trust.

2) Relevant. They address me by name and know that I still own the car. Plus, they're a 10-minute drive from my house. So they've demonstrated knowledge of me and my life. This offer is relevant.

Application: How relevant are your offers to your prospects and clients? Are you speaking directly to them and their needs?

3) Realistic. They aren't promising anything incredible -- just a free oil change, tire rotation, and vehicle inspection.

Application: How realistic are your offers? You can actually repel buyers with outlandish offers, like $500 in free gasoline or a free iPad. When in doubt, ask 3-5 clients whose judgment you trust. If they don't roll their eyes, your offer is likely realistic enough to roll out to a bigger audience.

4) Risk-free. Very important. This offer costs me nothing. Sure, I fully expect them to charge me a couple of bucks for tax, etc., but I will still come out ahead.

Making offers risk-free by offering a money-back guarantee is one thing I counsel all of my copywriting clients to do.

Sure, you may refund 2-3% of buyers. But if your sales double as a result of your guarantee, do you really care? In other words, would you rather have 100% of $100,000 ... or 95% of $200,000? A risk-free offer can get you that larger figure.

Make your next offer Riveting, Relevant, Realistic, and Risk-free. When you do, you will be making an irresistible offer.

And you will realize this great truth: The whole point of your marketing is to make selling superfluous.

You'll find more ideas like these in my Free Report, Guaranteed Marketing.

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