Thursday, January 6, 2011

Garbage Marketing Secrets and Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer once said: "I don't want to talk about business until I first see the other person smile."

Now. When was the last time a garbage truck made you smile?

I rushed outside in my jammies yesterday to snap a picture of this truck -- check out Sponge Bob and the other rescued dolls.

If a garbage hauler can create smiles and goodwill for his company using nothing more than, well, garbage ...

... what can you do to make your prospects and clients smile?

Start by examining the basics, like voicemail, business cards, and your email signature.


Does your voicemail make people smile? Or is it name, rank, and serial number? "I am away from my desk. At the tone, leave your name and I will return your call as soon as possible." Garbage!

How about adding just a pinch of creativity to your voicemail, like this: "Hi, this is John. It's very likely that I am in the office, because I am a workaholic. But I'm probably helping somebody else grow their business. I'd like to help you, too, so please leave your callback details in 3, 2, 1 --- BEEP."

Does your business card make people smile? Name, rank, and serial number, most likely. Garbage!

For ideas on how to make people smile with admiration, check out these examples of creative business cards.

Does your email sig file make people smile? Again, name, rank, and serial number, right? Garbage!

While I don't claim to be a creative genius, the following email sig file has served my copywriting business well:

Kevin Donlin
Copywriter/Marketing Strategist

Get your free ROI Plan on the "silent cash machine" I can create for you -- a sales letter, web page, or print ad that pays you back 300% in 90 days. Or else.

Reply to this email or call today to learn more ...
Phone: 612-567-6642

The difference between garbage and smile-inducing goodwill is creativity.

Creativity is free, but it doesn't come easy. It will cost you time and a few headaches. But the payoff can be enormous.

And what's the alternative to creative marketing? Garbage marketing.

For more ideas like these, download Guaranteed Marketing for Service Business Owners.

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