Friday, April 8, 2011

10 Reasons to Attend "21 Quick Ways to Get More Clients Fast"

Do you own a small business in the Twin Cities?

If so, here are 10 reasons why you (and your friends in business) should attend my new seminar on Thursday morning, April 21, 2001 in Edina, MN ...

1. Build Your Business 21 Ways.
In two fast-paced hours, you will discover 21 great ways to get more revenue and enjoy more time off in your business, by getting all the new clients you can handle. Any one of these proven marketing methods could increase your revenue by 10%, 25%, or more. How fast could you boost your profits if you use all 21?

2. Get $1,500 in Training for Pennies on the Dollar.
Two weeks after this seminar, I'm getting paid $1,500 to deliver the same marketing material to a Fortune 1000 firm. You will learn exactly what they learn, but for a tiny fraction of the investment!

3. Free: Signed Copy of my New Book, 21 Quick Ways to Get More Clients!
A free, signed copy has been set aside for you at the seminar, if you're one of the first 15 to register. I hope you claim your copy and use it to grow your business faster!

4. Free: "Conveyor-Belt" Referral System that delivers new clients automatically -- 3 ways.
You'll receive a sure-fire formula to turn your current clients into a sales force, one that sends you qualified leads like clockwork. Your life just got easier!

5. Free: Two "Force Multiplier" marketing tricks, each of which can double your sales.
There's a simple phone call you can make or email you can send. If you do either one every day, you could increase your revenues by 100% -- or more. Which one is right for you?

6. Free: The Simple "Thank You" Marketing Strategy that works wonders, for pennies a day.
Learn how a single, hand-written letter, mailed to one customer, produced a 39,900% return on investment. You can mail the same letter, the same day it is revealed to you.

7. Help the Tsunami Victims in Japan.
10% of all ticket sales will be donated to the Salvation Army and their relief effort in Japan.

8. You Can NOT Make a Mistake, thanks to my money-back guarantee. 
You will love every minute of this learning session, or pay nothing.

9. You Save 50% when you register.
Simply visit the web site below and enter Discount Code: MYBLOG.

10. Your Friends Save 50%, too.
Just give them this web address and Discount Code: MYBLOG by email, LinkedIn, Facebook, phone, etc.!

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