Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Where's the Revenue Beneath Your Feet?

You might think of McDonald’s as a chain of fast-food restaurants.

But that's only half right.

There's a second, very lucrative source of revenue for McDonald's that's hidden from view:  real estate.

According to entrepreneur and author Marley Majcher,

When Ray Croc began expanding the company in the 1950s, despite a nationwide chain of franchises, McDonald’s was barely covering expenses. In order to drive profit, Croc organized the Franchise Realty Corporation, buying plots of land for new franchisees to open stores. Because McDonald’s owns the land beneath each of its stores, it makes money on rent as well as the cost of producing food. By acting as a supplier and a landlord, McDonald’s more than doubles its profits without changing their product at all.

This practice continues today, and with an expanse of stores in prominent locations across the globe, the McDonald’s Corporation now owns more land than the Catholic Church.

So. What revenue is hidden from view in your business, like the land under McDonald's?

If you're like most small business owners, that hidden revenue is found in your current clients.

Your current clients are the source of your easiest sales (they already trust you), your highest profits ($0 cost of acquisition), and your most referrals (they know you enough to recommend you).

Bonus: Your communications with clients are hidden from view. Unlike ads on Google or a web site, no competitor can copy what you say to clients on a phone call or a handwritten thank-you note, for example.

So, take a look underneath your business and pay more attention to your clients. Find new ways to serve them faster and better. Your clients will pay you back.

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