Sunday, April 17, 2011

Emergency Marketing: Position Right to Survive and Thrive

I love chocolate and I love marketing, so I love this example of creative positioning ...

You have to admire how well "Emergency Chocolate" is positioned to stand out -- literally -- in a crowded category.

Instead of spending millions in advertising dollars to go head-to-head against Hershey or Nestle, Emergency Chocolate sidesteps branding and targets impulse buyers, with clever packaging that makes you laugh and provides a handy excuse to buy a bar ("Yes, honey, this is an emergency. I need chocolate NOW.")

Here's the lesson: You can succeed in almost any market, by sidestepping the competition's strengths and positioning yourself as an attractive alternative.

In other words, pick a niche you want to own and can own. Then own that niche.

Example: Papa John's and Domino's pretty much own the home delivery niche among pizza restaurants.

So Papa Murphy's sidesteps delivery and targets cost-conscious buyers, with a less-expensive "take 'n' bake" pizza alternative -- and has grown 42% over the past three years, according to Inc. magazine.

Whatever your business makes or sells, there are plenty of opportunities to stand out, even in a crowded market. To succeed, sidestep the competition's strengths, by targeting the right buyers in the right niche with the right message -- one that plays to your strengths.

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