Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Marketing Force Multipliers: The Red Bull of Profits for You

Fun fact: one can of 5-Hour Energy drink plus one can of Red Bull equals 10 hours of energy.

Do not ask how I know this.

But do understand this: the Red Bull acts as a force multiplier.

In military terms, a force multiplier is anything that increases (multiplies) the effectiveness of an item or group. For example, if a tank enables 10 men to accomplish the same results of a team of 50 men without one, then the tank is a force multiplier, with a value of 5.

In our 10-hour energy example, the Red Bull is a force multiplier, with a value of two.


What is the force multiplier in your marketing?

Example: In my business -- and probably yours, too -- it's a simple phone call.

By itself, an email or sales letter sent to prospects will typically get X% to buy. But when I pick up the phone and call to follow up, I typically get 2X% to buy. So, a phone call is a force multiplier, with a value of two.

If not a phone call, your force multiplier may be an in-person visit, a thank-you note, or some other action.

There is at least one force multiplier in your marketing. Find it. Use it. If not, you may miss out on double or triple your results.

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