Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Marketing (and Productivity) Secret from Golf

"Golfers on green" by Sands Beach Lanzarote
 There's an unwritten rule of etiquette in golf: When you reach the green, repair your ball mark -- and one more.

That way, the green stays pristine for your group and the players who follow you. It's a great tradition, because it's quick, easy, and it works.

This idea of "and one more" has implications for your business, too.

  • send a follow-up email to a prospect -- and one more
  • write and mail a thank-you note -- and one more
  • call to be helpful to a client -- and one more

So, think of your tasks in marketing (or anything) as ball marks on a golf green. Fix one -- and one more. Because you can't finish anything you don't start. And once you start, it's easy to ride the momentum ... and do one more.


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