Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Can A Plumber's Butt Crack Build Your Business?

The following marketing idea is either crazy insane or crazy good.

Watch and decide for yourself ...

You see, design and delivery are effective ways to build your business, without breaking the bank.

For example, the solution to Buck Crack comes in a bucket from Duluth Trading Company.

In reality, it's just a men's shirt. You can buy one anywhere. It's a commodity.

But ... when it's billed as "Crack Spackle," a way to fix "plumber's butt" -- with printed instructions for doing so -- that t-shirt is no longer a commodity. It's an experience.

And people will pay good money for an experience. Just ask Disney, Ritz-Carlton, or Starbucks.

The design and delivery of a bucket of "Crack Spackle" set Duluth Trading Company apart.

You can do this, too. No million-dollar ad budget or world-changing patents needed.

Just ask yourself these two questions:

1. How can you design your product or service differently?

Can you make it funny? Serious? Beautiful? Ugly? Bigger? Smaller? More expensive? Less expensive?

2. How can you deliver your product or service differently?

Can you send it in a bucket? Box? Tube? By FedEx? In person? By phone?

Great design and great delivery are what's called Marketing Multipliers -- small changes that can deliver big profits.

They are simple. They cost little or nothing. And you can implement them today.

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