Thursday, July 30, 2015

Now, Discover The Most Valuable Thing You Can Do To Build Your Business

Want to know the most valuable thing you can do to grow your business?

You can find it in 6 simple steps ...

Step 1: How many hours you work each week -- 40 hours? 55? 70? Add them up.

Step 2: Choose your #1 goal for the next 30 days -- a sales figure? Number of new clients? Project completed? Whatever.

Step 3: Divide your weekly working hours by 2.

Step 4: What will you do to reach your #1 goal in half the time? Write your answers down.

Example: If you work 60 hours a week and your #1 goal is $20,000 in sales this month, what will you do to reach that goal in half the time -- 30 hours a week?

Possible tactics:
  • Direct mail to 300 prospects within 5 miles
  • Joint venture with 5 non-competitors
  • Double your ad budget on Google and Facebook

Step 5: Divide your weekly working hours by 2 again.

Step 6: What will you do to reach your #1 goal NOW, in 25% of the time each week? Do your answers to question #4 change? They should. Write them down.

Example revised tactics:
  • Direct mail your 30 best clients; ask to meet by phone or in person to discuss their goals -- and how you might help achieve them
  • Joint venture with your 2 best vendors and 3 best clients
  • Double your direct mail budget for letters sent to clients and vendors

See the difference in tactics between Steps 6 and 4?

Key: What you wrote in Step 6 are your most-valuable marketing tactics. Because they are what you would do if you could work only 25% of the time. You've just proven their value with this thought experiment.

Next Step: Do more of those most-valuable tactics for the next 30 days -- and see what happens.

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