Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Great Design + Great Delivery = Great Marketing

How can your business stand out in a crowded marketplace?

You could invest in more technology, more advertising, more product R&D ...

... or you could invest in design or delivery -- or both.

Here are two examples -- one worth about $60 million, the other not (yet) -- of how great design and great delivery can be game-changers for your business ...

1) Dollar Shave Club

Great Design : Take a look at this hero shot of the product and packaging. Razors NEVER looked so good ...

Great Delivery: New razor blades by mail every month means I never have to worry about running out. Score!

Great Marketing: I just signed up. It was too much to resist. Apparently, millions of other guys feel the same way -- annual revenues for DSC last year were a reported $60 million.

2) Shatter Buggy

Great Design: I saw this smart car prowling Uptown Minneapolis on Sunday and had to take a picture ...

Great Delivery: According to their website, Shatter Buggy lets you schedule precise appointments rather than "windows" of time to come replace the cracked screen on your iPhone or iPad.

Great Marketing: My teenager broke her iPhone screen last week and we've been too busy to bring it to the Apple Store for repairs. So we're calling Shatter Buggy to bring the repairs to us.

Bonus: Shatter Buggy arrives by smart car, which is an affinity-marketing bulls eye for their Millennial customers.

Bottom Line: While your competition is making logical claims of better service or products (or both) you can bypass customers' brains with emotional appeals to their sense of beauty ("What a cool design! What a quirky car!") or curiosity ("Razors delivered by mail? iPhone repairs by car?").

Changing your design or your delivery (or both) doesn't have to break the bank. No world-changing patents are needed. But it could change the game for you.

By the way, I don't just write about this stuff. I live it. I created a Client Cloning Kit and ship it by mail to stand out from the bazillion other marketing advisors who flog digital downloads.

Take a look:

Great design and great delivery are what I call Marketing Multipliers -- small changes that can deliver big profits. They are simple. They cost little or nothing. And you can implement them today.

If you own a business, there's a box of 11 Marketing Multipliers waiting to be shipped to you. You can try it Free. Click here now.


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