Wednesday, July 3, 2019

How to Sell More With Amazon's $10-Billion No-Tech Marketing Trick

Did you know?

Amazon spends over $10 billion on digital marketing every year.

And Amazon sells everything under the sun.

Which means, no matter what you're selling, you could learn a lot from Amazon.

Case in point: Take a look at what just popped up in my Amazon Prime account today:

See what Amazon did there?
Instead of promising to save me money on future purchases (Gain) Amazon showed me that I lost $142.04 by not using their credit card last year (Pain).


Now, here's why this matters to you: Amazon does nothing on a whim.

Their marketing, like everything they do, is driven 100% by data. Which tells you something. The fact that Amazon is using pain rather than gain in their credit card offer means you MUST consider doing the same in the offers you make to your prospects.

And here's the best part: No technology is needed. This marketing tactic is 100% psychological, based on the fact that we humans will run faster away from pain than we will toward gain.


Let's turn these ideas into action.

Step 1) What exactly does your ideal client miss out on every day they haven't hired you?

Example: Let's say that you're a consultant. And the prospect you just spoke to by phone wants to make sell more of her $79,999 coaching program. (No, that price is not outlandish. I recently helped a client sell $1.1 million of her coaching at that price.)

If she's getting 10 calls every week from prospects and only selling 1 of her coaching slots at $79,999, but you KNOW you can get her to at least 2 sales from those 10 phone calls every week, then she's losing $79,999 every week she hasn't hired you.

Step 2) How can you make that pain very real in your emails, web pages, sales letters and other marketing?

Example: You could include a phrase like this in your follow-up emails: "Had we started 4 weeks ago when you first contacted me ... you could have received an extra $319,996 from the same phone calls you're getting now."

Powerful, don't you think?

One more thing ...

If you own a business with clients (not customers), in the U.S. or Canada, and you're doing at least $1 million in revenue, you're invited to claim a Free Client Cloning Kit here.

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