Monday, July 8, 2019

4 Marketing Lessons From The $105-Million Man

At $105 million per year, who has the highest salary in baseball?

Scott Boras. 

Wait, what? Yes, that’s right. While Bryce Harper and Manny Machado each have contracts worth over $300 million, and Stephen Strasburg tops all annual player salaries, with $38.3 million …

... the man who takes home the most money every year in baseball is an agent.
Scott Boras rakes in $105 million annually from $1.88 billion in contracts for about 175 MLB players.
Scott Boras (photo credit: MissChatter on Flickr)
Here’s a look at how he taps into the real money in his industry, with marketing lessons you can profit from in your industry. 

First, specialize. Boras negotiates only baseball contracts. As a result, he and his 75 employees -- many of whom are former MLB players -- have mastered the intricacies of negotiating 9-figure deals for clients.

Second, serve. Players describe Boras as a guy with their best interest at heart, like his first client, Bill Caudill, who said: “From day one, I knew I could trust Scott.” The Boras Corporation employs attorneys, sports psychologists, financial experts and others -- all to serve their clients’ wide-ranging needs.

Third, make it personal. According to an article on, “Boras understands that the most important part of his job is maintaining human relationships [with] clients, talking to them about their injuries, their lives, their relationships, and their kids.” Which proves the old saying that nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Finally, work hard and smart. Raised on a dairy farm, Boras works long, hard hours. More importantly, he works smart. As a former minor leaguer, he knows baseball. As a former attorney, he knows negotiating. He got two of his first clients by selling himself as the only ex-lawyer and ex-pro player they would find as an agent -- a unique selling proposition that has proven, shall we say, lucrative.

So, there it is. A shortlist of tactics one man has used to tap the real money in his industry. I hope you use them to do the same in yours.

One more thing ...

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