Friday, July 26, 2019

How to Sell More in 45 Minutes

Want to sell more of your product or service this week?

With about 45 minutes of effort?

It's simple. Just do more of what's working.

Let me show you …

I just analyzed my sales data for the past year in my Salesforce CRM. (You DO have a CRM, don't you?)

Total time invested: 45 minutes.

What did I find?

1. Of my last 18 sales, 10 of them were repeat sales to past clients. Not surprising.

2. Of my top 5 clients who paid me the most money, all 5 were referred by people I met at marketing events. Frankly, this was surprising.


1. I booked my tickets to two more marketing events, to keep meeting high-level prospects.

2. I will add qualified prospects I meet at those events to my mailing list of printed newsletters (not email spam). The follow-up by U.S. Mail is helpful for them and automatic for me.

3. I will mail a gift to key past clients within 10 days, to show my appreciation. The gifts will be helpful for them and pave the way for repeat sales, which helps us all.

1. Where did your last 15-25 sales come from?

2. How do you know?

3. What are you doing to get more sales like them?

One last thing. If you found these ideas helpful, please request your Free Client Cloning Kit at my website

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