Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Inner Game of Marketing

Did you know?

Up to 90% of your success in business has nothing to do with external factors, like the economy or your competitors.

Instead, the vast majority of your success hinges on what happens inside your business. Your core values, daily operations, and decisions about marketing -- to name a few.

That's not my idea.

It's the finding of two very smart business consultants from Bain, Chris Zook and James Allen. Their book, The Founders Mentality, reveals that it's what you do INSIDE your business that really matters.

Because the best, most-profitable businesses get there by taking action on their own agendas -- not by reacting to their competitors or the economy.

And in my experience dating back to 1994, there are at least 3 opportunities to engineer a breakthrough in your marketing by making proactive changes inside your business:

1) Referrals. What are you doing to generate and reward more referrals?

2) Order size. What are you doing to increase the size and frequency of purchases?

3) Optimization. What are you doing to test and improve your marketing?

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