Friday, July 12, 2019

How to Grow Your Business with the Phone

One of the fastest ways to build your business is with the telephone.

Here's why. Unless you're selling something for under $100, you're going to need to talk to someone at some point before they write you a check.

And a great way to have more conversations is by calling prospects and clients. But not just any phone call will do.

Tip: Whenever you make a phone call, be useful to the other person. Never, ever call to "check in" or "loop back," or "touch base." No, no, no.

When you call prospects, give them news, tips and tools they can use to grow their business. Which, in turn, will grow yours.

To illustrate, within the last 48 hours, I've spoken to 6 current and prospective clients. Every one of them was happy to hear from me.

As a result, they're going to take future phone calls from me and more sales will result.


Because I gave them a news item and made it simple for them to insert it into their emails, web pages, etc., to make their marketing more timely. Which will make their marketing, better whether or not we ever work together on a project.

Something to think about.

One more thing …

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