Thursday, October 7, 2010

Auto Wrap Marketing: The Incredible ROI

Here's a great, low-cost, "guerrilla" way to market your small business: an auto wrap.

Kim Hutchens, co-owner (with her husband Rod) of The Musik Haus Studios in Maple Grove, Minnesota, says this marketing tactic paid for itself with the first student who signed up after seeing it, in 2001. "When we first got the car, we were getting calls like crazy," she told me.

All the new business since then has been pure gravy. That's a pretty incredible return on investment, eh?

Along with word-of-mouth, this creative car is the main form of advertising for The Musik Haus. "We get comments all the time, it's fun to drive, and people love it," she says.

It's been so effective that her husband Rod is talking about adding a second vehicle to the fleet. "He wants a big truck," says Hutchens.

Great marketing doesn't have to cost a lot. Creativity and fun go a long way -- and don't cost anything.

Think: How committed are you to making your business succeed? Enough to change what you wear or drive around town? If you're hesitating, what's that say about your commitment level?

You don't have to do a full wrap of the family minivan -- FedEx Kinko's can create a magnetic sign for your car for less than $100.

And don't forget t-shirts (pay 10 college students to wear them), bumper stickers (pay 10 local moms to adorn their baby buggies) ... even Segways can carry a message.

(Kevin M. Donlin is author of the Special Report, Guaranteed Marketing for Small Business Professionals.) 

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  1. A few years ago, I was at a business bootcamp and one of the speakers swore by that method. It was quite interesting, considering that her business was just selling school diaries - so if it can work for something as mundane as supplying schools with diaries, it should at least do a few wonders for something more exciting1