Thursday, October 14, 2010

Your Marketing Message: Something, or Nothing?

Ever see one of those "Garage Sale -- Today" signs down the street ... for about 5 days straight?

After you've seen it for more than one day, the word "Today" means nothing.

Because it can't be today every day.

What words have your prospects and customers been exposed to over time that now mean nothing?

"Value!" "Quality!" "Service!" "Selection!"

... you can add your own.

Don't use those words. They mean nothing.

Think: How can you say what you want to say, in language that actually means something to your market? Language that doesn't insult our intelligence, like "Today" every day.

No huge marketing budget needed. Just think.

(Kevin M. Donlin is author of the Special Report, Guaranteed Marketing for Service Business Owners.)


  1. my professor in advertising used to say that all the time. in advertising we use unquantifiable words like "european styling" (for cars) - but they don't actually mean anything.

  2. Sarah,

    The opposite end of this "me-too" advertising spectrum is "creative" advertising -- ads that are funny or cute, but don't sell anything either.

    If your ad says what everyone else is saying, it won't stand out, and you won't profit.

    If your ad is creative, memorable, hilarious, but doesn't sell anything, it will stand out, but you still won't profit.

    You can't take creativity to the bank. Only dollars will do. And the only way to make your ads pay you back in dollars is to create ads that sell.