Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to Create a Remarkable Experience

Want more revenues, more profits, and less competition?

Then you want to create an experience for your clients.

Sales and growth advisor Karen Jackson writes:

"... people (whether in the form of a consumer or a business) buy from those companies that make their experience delightful. It’s obvious that there’s no lack of coffee shops, but few coffee shops create a delightful experience.

"Enter Starbucks with all the ingredients to delight: well-trained & friendly staff, wi-fi, music, comfy chairs, a beautiful display case with fresh food, consistent quality. Customers came, they stayed, they returned, they told their friends."
Now. You may be skeptical ...

Your clients are too smart to be swayed by "experiences." Or not smart enough. Or too busy. Or too price conscious.

But are your clients people? Then experiences matter.

And is your product or service more complex than a popscicle? Then you can create a profitable, remarkable experience around it.

No joke. Popsicles are the ultimate commodity. Any 5-year-old can make and sell them. All you need are frozen juice and some sticks.

Yet ... you can make a popsicle that's remarkable -- an experience. One that inspires brand loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising.


Add jokes. Like these ...

Cost to the manufacturer? Probably less than $0.01 in printing per stick. (And I don't think they pay any royalties for those jokes.)

But what's the effect of those little jokes? Big. They add an extra smile to a tasty treat. The jokes create an experience that's remarkable.

Here's proof: Last Thursday afternoon, my teenage daughter remarked, "We had popsicles after lacrosse practice, but they weren't so great. I wish we had those ones with jokes on the sticks."

That's the definition of remarkable -- people remarking about you. It's what you want your customers to do.

And you don't need a nine-figure marketing budget like Starbucks or a factory stamping out jokes on sticks  to create an experience that makes your business remarkable.

Just add a smile to your clients' day today.

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