Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Sales Secret of Hungry Teenagers

A few weeks back, mysterious messages started appearing on the whiteboard in my office.

Like this one ...

And this one ...

As fast as I erased them, the messages came back.

Weird, right?

Not if you have teenagers, like me. You know exactly what I'm talking about -- tickets for The Hunger Games movie went on sale February 22. And the cast of Hunger Games is coming to MoA (the Mall of America) on March 9.

So ... what does this have to do with your business?

One word: Persistence.

My teenage daughter showed it in spades. Not only did she scribble reminders where I couldn't miss them, she mentioned The Hunger Games in just about every conversation, just about every day, from morning to night.


On February 22, I bought tickets to the movie premier. And last week, my daughter persuaded her friend's step-mom to drive 3 screaming girls to the Mall of America at 3:00 AM this Friday to wait in line to meet the cast.

Now THAT'S a sale.

Question: Do you display that level of persistence when following up with prospects who haven't bought yet? Do you follow up with them at all?

Think about it. What if you were as excited and persistent about selling your product or service as a teenager is about selling The Hunger Games?

You could turn your own personal economy around in 48 hours, that's what.


With it, you have nothing to worry about in business.

Without it, you will go hungry.

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  1. I have a teenager and you are too right LOL. Great insight and I hope you keep sharing more! -Cindy