Friday, March 23, 2012

The P.S. That Prompted a Very Busy CEO to Call Me

Every copywriter knows the P.S. in a letter almost always gets read.


Because it's right below the signature, where it can't be missed.

But not every copywriter can write a good P.S.

This P.S. was better than good -- it made my phone ring ...

Specifically, it caused a very busy CEO to pick up the phone and call me, triumphantly, to say that, yes, his assistant did open this letter.

Was I unhappy about having to buy him lunch? Uh, no.

My goals for this letter were two-fold:

1) Have a fun phone conversation. Check
2) Set up a meeting. Check.

(By the way, had his assistant NOT opened the letter, he would have likely called to find out what the heck I was up to.)

Now. Will this P.S. language work in every situation? No. It may not even work in most situations.

Had I not previously had a friendly lunch with this person, I might not have penned such a cheeky P.S.

But ... it shows how the right mix of creativity and bravado can work wonders in your sales letters.

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