Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to Do More Great Work -- Expand the Definition

In addition to running two companies and speaking all over the world, John C. Maxwell has written books that have sold more than 75 million copies, including the excellent, Make Today Count.

You may think it's impossible for one person to do so much. And you would be right. It is impossible -- for one person.

One person could never do all that John C. Maxwell or any top achiever has done. But Maxwell has expanded what he can do by expanding what it means to do what he does.

Take book writing, for example. Here's the cover of Make Today Count ...

You may think writing a book means you have to research the topic, write a first draft, proofread it, submit it to the publisher, edit and rewrite any changes, etc.

But that's a narrow, limiting definition of "writing a book."

By expanding that definition, Maxwell has been able to write more than 80 books. How? Check out his Acknowledgements page for Make Today Count ...

Look carefully. Turns out, Maxwell didn't write all (or any?) of Make Today Count -- Charlie Wetzel is listed as his writer. And Stephanie Wetzel is the person "who proofs and edits every manuscript page."

By expanding the definition of what he does, John C. Maxwell can do more. A LOT more.

Now, a question: How could you do more by expanding the definition of what you do?

As a copywriter, I can do a lot of writing by outsourcing parts of it. When I call a client or industry expert to do research, for example, I record the call and send it to my transcriber. This frees me to do what I do best, which is find a Big Idea for my client's marketing message, then support that idea with facts.

So, one way to expand the definition of what you do is to expand your team.

Example: Michelangelo didn't paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling by himself. He had a team -- a small army of assistants who mixed his paints, prepared each day's plaster, and even painted small parts of the picture.

Because, no matter what you do, there are probably only 2-3 things that add the most value to your work. All the rest can and should be outsourced. That's a part of what makes 80/20 Marketing so effective, by the way.

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