Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Simple $462,363 Marketing Windfall

If you look at most websites, including yours, you'll find confusion.

That's because the vast majority of web sites are a jumble of links, videos, flashing junk ... CONFUSION.

And it's an axiom of marketing that a confused mind will say "No" to your offer.

Simply by removing 50% or more of the choices from most web pages, you can increase your sales. I've done it dozens of times since I started marketing online in 1994.

Example: For a company that sold power generators and similar products, I removed a banner ad from the top of their main web page. That's it. But their annual sales increase was $462,363.

Take a look at the stats below ...

Here's what to do now. Answer this question: What's the #1 thing you want visitors to do when they visit your website?

When you know the answer, start removing EVERYTHING from your website that distracts from that #1 thing.

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