Thursday, September 19, 2019

More Clients From Less Work: The Magic of Focus

Have you ever read a book, watched a video, or gone to a seminar ...

... written down a long list of things to do ...

... and ended up doing NONE of it?

You're not alone.

It happens to us all.

But one insurance agent found a simple solution to that problem. And for him, it's been worth millions.

Louis, a sales rep for two Allstate Insurance offices in Texas, told me that he attended his first big marketing seminar a few years ago. He took a long list of ideas back to the office. He tried to do all of them ... and ended up doing none.

The reason? His to-do list was too long and intimidating to start on.

So, he did something different.

After his next seminar, he took another list of ideas back to the office. But this time, he focused on doing just ONE thing. That's it.

After putting that one idea to work, he did the next one. And the next. One at a time, step by step.


Louis and his team went from worrying about how to pay their bills to being on track for $3 million in annual premiums. With a ton of profits, and non-stop growth on the horizon.

Moral: New ideas mean nothing without new actions. But you won't implement if you're too intimidated to start. It's like trying to climb a mountain in one giant leap -- demoralizing and impossible.

So, take a moment today to look at your notes from that last seminar, podcast, or book. Pick just ONE idea and put it into action.

And one more thing ...

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