Monday, September 9, 2019

How to Get New Money-Making Ideas

Eugene Schwartz, the copywriting legend almost nobody knows, said, "You don't need to have great ideas if you hear great ideas."

Among his many blockbusters was the sales letter that launched Boardroom Publications.

He interviewed his client, and simply took notes for 4 hours straight. The resulting sales letter was 70-80% the client’s own words. Here's the headline to that sales letter, which birth to a $100-million dollar business: "How to Get the Heart of 370 Business Magazines in Just 30 Minutes a Month."

Best part: Schwartz didn't even create it. He heard it, then wrote it down.

Here’s another example: My client Ryan.

I wrote a 12-page sales letter for him a few years ago that was mostly his own words.

Here's the headline I wrote for him, a mashup of several things he said over the phone: “Discover How to Set Yourself Free From Rental Property Headaches And Get The Money You Deserve.”

Ryan quickly raked in close to $1 million from that letter.

And his success was predictable. Because I simply heard his great ideas. The wrote them down.

You can do the same.

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