Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Best Ways to Get New Clients Today and Profits Tomorrow

If you run a service business, what percentage of your time, effort, and money is devoted to getting new clients?

Probably 80-90%.

And what percentage of your marketing is devoted to getting repeat sales to and referral sales from the clients you have?

Be honest -- it's probably 10-20%.

But where do 100% of your revenues come from? Your current clients.

So taking care of the clients you have is the ONLY way today to make sure you get more money tomorrow.

Too often we get this backwards. Repeat and referral sales are usually an after-thought.

Case in point: a business-building article in the New York Daily News, "The best ways for small businesses to garner new clientele? Get on Facebook and Twitter, network."

After reading 6 tips for getting new clients via Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Groupon, networking, etc., I found the seventh, best tip at the end of the story. This hard-won advice, on repeat sales garnered via superior customer service, seemed almost like ... an after-thought:
"When you're selling $100 for $50 and Groupon gets the other half, they need to get that customer to come back in again in order to gain the value from that customer," Bean explained.

Therein lies the beauty of customer service, he said. Give clients an experience they'll want to replicate again and again. Also, encourage good customers to become fans of your company on Facebook or to follow you on Twitter. "Once they come in, continue to communicate with them," Bean said.
You have to do more than communicate with clients to earn their sales again and again, of course, but the point is worth restating: Delivering superior service to clients is the best marketing investment you can make today, and it's the only reliable way to bring in revenue tomorrow.

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