Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank-You Marketing: $1.2-Billion Case Study

I was reminded this morning of what I call "Thank-You Marketing" by Amy Vejar, who told me a story I never knew about Mary Kay Ash ...

... you may know her as the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Her habit was to mail three hand-written thank you notes every night before going to bed. And she taught this same philosophy to her sales force.

Today Mary Kay Cosmetics is a $1.2-billion company, with a sales force in 32 countries.

Those numbers don't lie -- Thank-You Marketing works.

Question: What if you mailed just 3 thank-you notes today -- one to a client, one to a prospect, and one to a referral partner.

And what if you did the same thing tomorrow, and the next day?

If you did this for just one week, what would happen?

Do you think this little ritual might grow your business?

There's no better investment of about $15 and 60 minutes this week than mailing 15 tiny gifts to the ONLY people who can build your business -- your clients, your prospects, and your referral partners.


Writing and mailing thank-you notes alone won't build your business to the $1.2 billion level. But you'll be thinking and acting exactly like a billion-dollar business when you do ... for less time and money than you probably spend each week on Starbucks or Coke.

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