Thursday, February 3, 2011

Facebook Is So 1996 ...

I remember the Internet in 1996.

After two years of marketing stuff online (I sold the first job-search ebook for $10 on Usenet in 1994 -- before there was a Web) ...

... I discovered a cool way to promote my resume service: an email newsletter, or ezine.

It was amazingly successful.

Every week, when I pushed the "send" button, out would go my plain-text ezine to hundreds of subscribers. And within about an hour, "ring ring" would go the phone -- with people calling to order my services.

Publishing an ezine in 1996 was like printing money because:
  • it got read by clients and prospects;
  • it was free, so the ROI was astronomical;
  • few of my competitors did it well, or at all
These days, you have to work your butt off to convince people to subscribe to an ezine. Worse, instead of 5-20 emails a day competing for attention, there are 50-250+ emails -- not to mention spam filters.

Which is why I am now a big fan of creating a Facebook Fan Page for your business.

Hosting a Facebook Fan Page for your business today is very much like publishing an ezine in 1996 because:
  • it gets read by clients and prospects, who see your updates alongside those from friends and family;
  • it is free, so the ROI can be astronomical;
  • few of your competitors are doing it well, or at all.
I don't claim to have the formula down yet, but I do know this: Social media is worth doing well, so it's worth doing badly at first.

So ... take a look at my Fan Page. And "like" it to get business-building updates, tips, and video excerpts all in one place.

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(More ideas like these in the Free Report, Guaranteed Marketing for Service Business Owners.)

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