Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The 3 Most Important Email Marketing Tips I've Learned in 17 Years

Today, I want to share with you the 3 most-important things I've learned about writing effective email promotions since I began marketing by email back in 1994 ...

1) The SUBJECT is most important

If the subject of your email is not immediately intriguing, your email won't get opened and your efforts are wasted.

Tip: I usually start an email subject with RE: so it appears to be a reply to something the recipient sent.

Your email is never the only one in somebody's in-box; there are usually dozens more competing for attention. Only a few subjects begin with RE: so if yours is among them, your email stands out.

And I never capitalize every word -- friends don't write email subjects like this: "See You At The Twins Game Sunday!"

Finally, work hard to pique curiosity. The following subjects all had open rates above 25% for me:

RE: Thank you!
RE: Friday's unemployment news explained
RE: job search help

2) The FROM line is nearly as important

By "from" I mean ... who is the email from?

If your "from" looks personal and non-commercial, your email has a better chance of being opened than a "from" from a business.

Prove it for yourself -- which of the following emails would you be more likely to open?

FROM: Kevin
FROM: MLM Success International

Do what it takes to configure your email so it appears to be from a real person and not a faceless corporation.

3) Reference something in the NEWS

Ideally, the content in your email should either offer news readers can use ("Here's what the latest jobless figures mean for you") or reference a breaking news story ("Were you affected by those tornadoes on Sunday?").

The more timely your news reference, the higher your readership and the better your response will be.

Tip: Certain news stories occur with regularity, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly job reports. Write your email promotion to tie into an event you know is coming up, then send it that same day.

Another Tip: Anyone clicking through to visit your sales page ought to get value from simply viewing that web page, whether they buy or not. So, try to educate or share your expertise while you sell.

The best-performing emails I've created in the last 17 years -- in terms of open rates, click-throughs, and sales -- had all three of the above: an intriguing SUBJECT, personal-looking FROM, and a NEWS angle.

Mini Case Study: An email promotion with the SUBJECT "RE: LinkedIn" that was FROM "Kevin" got a 30% open rate among 7,472 recipients, with a 47% click-through rate to the sales page.

Of those 1048 unique clicks, 4.7% purchased a $49 product.

The NEWS angle? How people are using LinkedIn to find jobs now, despite the current unemployment rate.

I hope you find these 3 tips useful in your email marketing!

Of course, writing winning emails is something I do nearly every day. If you'd like me to create a money-making promotion for you, please look at my catalog of services.

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