Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Next Time, Try Human. (Or: Attack of the Killer Buzzwords)

There's a well-known company that I'm thinking about hiring for a project.

I visited their web site.

These are the first words I saw:

Many of the most successful performance marketing programs utilize a variety of extension strategies and cross-platform initiatives to reach long- and short-range targets.

Do you have any idea what they do, make, or sell?

Neither did I, after the first, second ... or third reading (and I have 1.75 college degrees. Sheesh).

Luckily, I am determined to talk to somebody at this company, at least to find out if there's a human being on the inside.

Now. Your web site may not be this badly marred by buzzwords ... but you never know.

In fact, you yourself really can't know for certainty if you're speaking the language of your prospects. Because you are not your prospects.

So, try this: Find 5 people. Not friends or family -- find 5 new acquaintances.

Offer each person a $5 Starbucks gift card if they sit down in front of their computer, visit your web site, and answer these 3 questions:

1) What does this company do?
2) At first glance, do they look trustworthy? Why or why not?
3) Please try to order something, right up to submitting payment. What, if any, problems or questions did you have?
*) Bonus question: Visit this webs site on your mobile phone browser. What's your first impression?

I'm sure you could add to the list. Whatever questions you ask, your goal is simple: Find out if your web site is written in the language your prospects speak and understand.

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