Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to Take Online Conversations Off-line (with Cookies!)

Want to a build better business?

Take your online conversations off-line.

By that I mean do something tangible: meet for coffee (if local) or mail something (if distant).

Yes, Twitter, Facebook, and emails are nice, but those are relationship starters. Online "touches" have little value as relationship builders. Example: Would you tweet "Happy Birthday!" to your mom ... and leave it at that?

If you want to build a solid business relationship -- whether it's with a prospective client, vendor, or strategic partner -- do something tangible.

Here's how one person did it with me ...

I'm smart enough (I think) to know when I'm being bribed with a gift or a one-size-fits-all card.

But this is not one of those.

Because Dee took the time to include a nice note with her box of cookies. And her comments show that she did read my free Guaranteed Marketing report and the bi-weekly "Inside Marketing" newsletter that goes with it.

It may have taken her all of 10 minutes to read my materials, but that's 10 minutes more than most people spend.

Sending cookies doesn't hurt, either, but it's not necessary. And a gift may offend some people ... or get dunked in a bucket of water first, out of paranoia.

Bottom line: Be like Dee. Go all out to go off-line with your online conversations.

You'll find more ideas like these in my Free Report, Guaranteed Marketing.

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