Monday, June 6, 2011

How to Increase Revenues with Rescued Time

Here's a simple way to grow your business that costs $0 and never fails to work.

It's this: Find out where your money is coming from, and do more of that.

I told you it was simple. Yet, it's also incredibly powerful.

And here's how it works ...

First, answer this question: What 3 things do you do that cause clients to buy from you?

Here are my top 3 sources of copywriting revenue:
  1. referrals (38%)
  2. networking (29%)
  3. online promotions (blog, YouTube, articles, etc. 27%)
Next, track your time for a week, from the minute you wake up until you quit work at night. How do you spend every minute of every working day? This is your Work Diary.

You can keep your Work Diary in an Excel spreadsheet, a text file in your computer, or a little notebook in your back pocket.

Then, at the end of the week, analyze your Work Diary.

How many hours per week did you spend on each of your top 3 revenue-producing activities? How many hours on non-revenue producing activities, like running errands, checking email for the 5th time, checking, etc.?

The numbers don't lie. I PROMISE you this exercise will deliver surprises and insights galore.

Example: In my case, even though referrals bring in 40% of my revenues, I found I had spent only 55 minutes last week talking to my clients and business partners to stimulate referrals. Not good.

Next, plan the week ahead and schedule twice as much time for your top 3 revenue-producing activities as you spent on them the previous week.

Where can you find the time? Take a look at your Work Diary again and "rescue" time from non-revenue producing activities, like answering email, cleaning your desk, etc.

This idea is so simple it's easy to dismiss as ... too simple.

But dismiss it at your peril. Because I've used it to double revenues for three businesses, including one 6-month span when I quadrupled revenues for one business.

When you see on paper that, "Wow! I spent 16 hours last week responding to email!?" it's very easy to then think, "Hey, I can rescue 5 hours this week for more networking by spending less time on email each day."

A few daily tweaks can add up to bigger weekly paychecks for you, when you do more of what pays and less of what doesn't.

Try it.

You'll find more ideas like these in my Free Report, Guaranteed Marketing.

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