Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Google AdWords Expert Tip: Which Ad is Best?

Here's a Google AdWords writing question I answered from a small business owner, which could apply to your business.

Read it and reap ...

Question: Please let me know which potential Google AdWords ad is better for my business (www.xyz.com). If you feel one of these 3 won't get a high click-thru, we are open to your suggestion. Thanks!

Option 1
Retail Marketing Experts
Short on staff & too much on your
plate? Let us manage your marketing

Option 2
Want to sell to Retail?
Learn step-by-step procedures to
get your product ideas into retail

Option 3
Retail Marketing Experts
Create awareness for your products
Free quote and proposal!

Answer: After writing more than $314,054 in Google AdWords ads over the years, I can tell you the answer is: It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter what I think, or anyone thinks.

The best Google AdWords ad is the one that brings you the most net profits. That winning ad will deliver your most-profitable combination of:

  • clicks on your ad
  • visits to your web site
  • sales

Problem: You can NEVER know this in advance.

Solution: The market will tell you the right answer, with 100% accuracy. All you have to do is test.

First, track all the actions connected with your AdWords ad (using Google Analytics), then start testing different combinations of headlines, body copy, and domains (in that order).

Let me put some ideas where my mouth is. Here are examples of AdWords elements for you to test ...

How to Sell to Retailers
How to Sell via Retail
How to Sell by Retail
You Can Sell by Retail
Retail Secrets Revealed

Got a Product to Sell by Retail?
Tap Our 20+ Yrs of Experience Now

Stop the Frustration! If You Have
a Product to Retail, We Can Help


Now, here's an example AdWords ad I predict will do better than any of your original 3 choices:

Retail Secrets Revealed
Got a Product to Sell by Retail?
Tap Our 20+ Yrs of Experience Now

... but remember: You can't put predictions in the bank. Only dollars. And you get those dollars by TESTING exhaustively until you get the results you seek.

I hope this helps!

FYI, as my schedule permits, I do write Google AdWords for clients in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and across North America.

Buying one hour of my time for $195 will give you at least 20 different Google AdWords ads to test -- that's enough to produce a slew of new sales for you.

And if you don't love the results, you pay nothing.

To learn more about this Google AdWords writing service, contact me today.

You'll find more ideas like these in my Free Report, Guaranteed Marketing.

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