Friday, July 15, 2011

In a Category of One, Price Means Nothing

Here's an ad for a golf vacation that's worth your attention ...

The headline is intriguing: "What Do You Get The Man Who Has Everything?"

The body copy? Well, it reads like a Creative Writing essay ("crumbling waves"? "briny inhales"?) ....

But the offer is hard to mess up -- a two-day stay and four rounds of golf at legendary Pebble Beach.

For Father's Day, if your dad or husband loves golf -- and money is no object -- this offer can't be beat.

Notice the price? There isn't one.

That's because ... this offer can't be beat. It's in a category of one, so price means nothing.

Here are some other "categories of one," where price means nothing:

  • a gallon of gas (if you've run out on the way to a job interview)
  • a ticket to Game 7 of the World Series (if you're a Cubs fan and the Cubs are playing)
  • a bottle of water (if you're stranded in the Gobi Desert)

What do all these "priceless" offers have in common? Timing.

Golf at Pebble Beach is always a nice gift for the man who loves golf, but irresistibly so if you give it on Father's Day. The great gift becomes priceless.

Timing can vault your product or service into its own category of one, where price means nothing -- and money is no object.

Now. How will you use this idea?

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