Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thank-You Marketing Postcard

I write and speak all the time about what I call "Thank-You Marketing."

It's a simple concept: By writing and mailing thank-you notes to prospects, clients, and vendors, you make them happy to hear from you next time. Which makes them more receptive to your marketing messages ...

... just like holding hands makes the object of your desire more receptive to a kiss.

Occasionally, I get flak from people who snark, "Mail a thank-you note? You're kidding right? That's no secret."

I never said it was a secret. But ... are you doing it?

The reply I usually get is, "I don't have time to write and mail thank-you notes."

That's no excuse at all, of course. The same people who can't find 2 minutes to personally thank a valued client or referral partner by mail, can always find 20 minutes to check Facebook, 60 minutes for leisurely lunches, and 2-4 hours for TV every night.

But I digress.

And I am all about saving time whenever possible.

So ... if you can't spare 2 minutes to write a thank-you card, surely you can find 60 seconds to write a postcard.

Here's an example: a "thank you" postcard that came in the mail today, from a spa that my wife sent me to last week ...

On the front, after thanking me for my business, they offer me a $10 credit for referring my friends. Good idea.

But they get points off for the weasel words ("Restrictions may apply") and for limiting(!) my referrals ("One per customer"). Still, this is better than nothing.

On the back, there's a nice message from Alex, my masseuse ...

Total time to write a 19-word message, address this, and affix a stamp: 60 seconds or less.

The potential ROI: Very great.

Whether you use standard thank-you notes or custom-printed postcards, the only way to know if "Thank-You Marketing" can work in your business is not to say, "I know that," but to actually try it.

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