Monday, July 11, 2011

How to Double Your Income - Brian Tracy's Advice

One of my favorite teachers of sales, marketing, and personal development ideas is Brian Tracy.

He helped me double my income -- twice -- in less than 6 months back in 2005. I've been a huge fan ever since (can you blame me?)

If you own or manage a service business and want to double your income, here's what Brian suggests on page 53 of his excellent book, Goals -

Double the amount of time that you spend face to face with qualified prospects. The most direct way to increase your sales has always been the same: Spend more time with better prospects. If you don't upgrade your skills or change anything else about what you are doing, but you double the number of minutes that you spend face to face with prospects each day, yuo will probably double your sales income.

I have found this to be absolutely true every time I've tried it.

Of course, the question on every entrepreneur's mind is this: "I'm already super busy. How do I find time to double the number of minutes I spend with prospects?"

Here's the answer that works every time: Stop checking email so often.

Without knowing anything about you, I would bet dinner for 2 at Red Lobster that you check email about every hour or so. Stop it.

Instead, check email only twice a day: once at mid-morning, about 10:00 or 11:00 AM, and again in the late afternoon, about 4:00 PM.

By not checking email 5-10 times a day, you'll save at least an hour, and probably two or three.

When you spend less time on useless activity, you free up more time for productivity. And among the most-productive things you can do is spend more time with qualified prospects.

Best part: Making yourself more productive -- and profitable -- this way is 100% under your control.

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