Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Heart of Your Marketing is This

The headline on this banner stopped me cold: "Discover how our clients turn $17 into $100,000"

It was hanging above a booth at a marketing conference. I was compelled to walk over, talk to the guy at the booth, and find out more.

The heart of any marketing effort is the headline.

And the goal of any headline is simple: To stop your prospects cold, so you can warm them up with the rest of your presentation.

In this case, mission accomplished.

Important: There are 4 kinds of headlines, each of which has the same mission -- to grab your prospects by the lapels and force them to pay attention ...

1) Print Headline
That's the example above. The first, big, attention-getting words on any banner (offline or online) or print advertisement (in publications or on Web pages that resemble print publications). If it doesn't attract your prospects' attention, they pass you by.

2) Email Headline
The subject line in your email. If it doesn't immediately intrigue prospects, they won't read your email.

3) Sales Letter
The first words in any printed sales letter you mail with a stamp. If your opening salutation (Dear Kevin) and first sentence don't grab readers, they won't read your sales letter.

4) Phone/Radio
The first words out of your mouth when speaking to a prospect by phone or via a radio ad. If you don't engage prospects with your first 1-2 sentences, they tune you out.

Do you see the consequences here? 

If your headlines don't attract attention -- whether online or offline -- your prospects ignore you, and your efforts are wasted. Failure is costly.

Solution: Put as much time and effort into creating your headline as you do creating the rest of your ad.

You read that right -- if you spend 3 hours writing the ad itself, devote another 3 hours to researching and writing headlines.

Because, if your headlines don't work, your ads can't work.

You'll find more ideas like these in my Free Report, Guaranteed Marketing.

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