Friday, August 19, 2011

$18,000 Worth of Marketing Advice - Dan Kennedy Consulting Takeaway #1

If you don't know about Dan Kennedy, you should.

Mike Capuzzi does. He's created Copy Doodles, a product I use and recommend.

Anyway, Mike recently paid Dan $18,000 for one day of consulting, to pick his brain on ways to grow his business.

On his blog, Mike writes that this was the #1 takeaway he got from that $18,000 day with Dan:

"Your growth will have less to do with your talent, your skill, your expertise or your deliverables than it will your ability and willingness to create and exploit your own status."

What does this mean?

People don't buy what you do. People buy you.

So, the greater your status -- the more people who know and like you -- the greater your income.

Think about it: Who has a bigger income, Dr. Oz or your doctor, Dr. Obscure? The former. Why? Because Dr. Oz has created and exploited a bigger status with his books and TV appearances.

How can you "create and exploit your own status," according to Kennedy?

Here's a simple, proven way to start: Make a big splash in a small puddle.

Because it's faster and easier to gain "celebrity" status in a smaller market than a bigger one. You can later build on local celebrity status to build a statewide or national following, but you have to start somewhere.

This is why smart real estate agents work hard to create visibility in a small geographic area by mailing postcards and flyers. (The idea is good, it's just that most of those mailings are not.)

Really intrepid real estate agents will even knock on every door in their "farm" territory, to build their status -- and their incomes.

So here's the $18,000 question: What can you do to create and exploit a profitable status within your market? The bigger your status, the bigger your income.

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