Monday, August 22, 2011

Marketing Force Multipliers

In 480 B.C., a force of 300 Spartans faced more than 150,000 Persians in a narrow mountain pass called Thermopylae.

Despite impossible odds, the 300 Spartans held off a force 50 times their number for two full days (before dying to the last man).

How did 300 Spartans equal 150,000 Persians?

With a force multiplier, defined as anything added to a fighting force which increases the effectiveness of that fighting force.

Look at the picture. See that narrow stretch of land the Spartans defended? It was a choke point. It forced the 150,000 Persians to squeeze in and battle the Spartans on even terms.

Thermopylae itself was just one force multiplier for the Spartans. They had others: superior training, equipment, and motivation (they were defending their homes).

Now. How can this help your business?

Ask yourself: What one thing, added to your marketing, greatly increases your effectiveness?

The answer is your force multiplier. And you want to do more of it.

Example: In my copywriting practice, my force multiplier is a follow-up phone call. It greatly increases the effectiveness of my marketing efforts, by 50% or more.

If I meet a prospect on a Monday, I will call them on Tuesday or Wednesday to follow up. Or if I mail something to a prospect and I know it arrived on a Wednesday, I'll call them on a Thursday or a Friday.

No matter what business you're in, you're doing at least one thing that greatly increases your marketing. That one thing is your force multiplier. Find it. Then, do more of it.

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