Monday, August 29, 2011

How to Create a Big, Costly Problem

See that 40-foot tall tree to the right of the wood pile?

My wife hates it and wants me to cut it down.

She's been telling me so for 9 years. Since that problematic tree was about 4-feet tall.

I always thought it was a little thing. And it was. Plus, the tree is in a hidden corner of our yard.

So I ignored the problem ... until it grew too big to ignore.

Eight years later, that tree will now cost about $250 to get rid of, if I cut it down myself and rent a chipper.

If I neglect it another 9 years? It will cost about $1,000 for someone else to cut down and chip.

What's the point of all this?

There are little, "4-foot" problems in your business right now, which -- if ignored -- can grow into costly "40-foot" problems, faster than you think.

Look around. Pick one 4-foot problem in your business you have ignored for too long. Is it:
  • a non-performing employee or partner?
  • the growing amount of time you spend on Facebook?
  • daily tasks that keep you busy, but not productive?
  • a difficult client who eats up your time?
  • a cluttered office that saps your energy?
Whatever it is, chop that problem down today, while it's still a little thing ... before it grows into a big, expensive headache.

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