Tuesday, August 23, 2011

3 Smart Referral Tips by Postcard (and Dogs)

This postcard from Invisible Fence is simple, clever, and probably effective -- I've been getting it for months.

Here's the front:

... and the back:

Invisible Fence is doing 3 smart things here that you can emulate in your business:

1) Ask for referrals. They may come on their own, but hope is not a marketing strategy.

2) Use direct mail. You can -- and should -- ask for referrals by phone and email, but a printed postcard with a stamp carries more weight. Literally. Letters work well, too.

3) Reward referrals. Invisible Fence offers free batteries for a year if the person you refer signs up. Not bad. But I would also offer a cash reward and/or gift certificates -- you can never tell which reward will motivate which person, so give them a choice.

Bonus) Use pets in your marketing. Next to babies, everybody loves photos of pets. Intriguing photos = more readership = better results from your marketing. Don't have a pet? Borrow one. They're the ultimate in cheap labor.

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