Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Strategy as Recipe

There's a lot of confusion about strategy and tactics.

You've heard that strategy is your objective, and tactics are how you'll achieve it.

Or that strategy is the plan of action, and tactics are the weapons.

And, yet, you still mix them up. I know I do.

So here's an idea I've found helpful ...

Think of strategy as a recipe for success, and tactics as ingredients.

Doing so can bring instant clarity.

Example: If your recipe for success (strategy) is to increase your business by 50% through referrals, it becomes very clear which ingredients (tactics) to use.

Ingredients that are clearly wrong, like automated webinars, print ads, or Groupon, won't distract you. Using them for this recipe would be like using sardines to make a chocolate cake.

On the other hand, once you're clear that your recipe (strategy) calls for more referrals, you could add ingredients (tactics) like:
  • creating a referral rewards program,
  • announcing that program in your newsletter, and 
  • putting it on the back of your business card

It's not a perfect analogy, but it works for me. And thinking about strategy and tactics in new ways can generate new insights to grow your business.

Bottom line: When your strategy is clear, the tactics reveal themselves.

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